Meditation and the Currency of Attention

There’s an old story about a Zen master who goes to a town. All the villagers run out to meet him because they want to become enlightened. The Zen master says, “If you can focus your complete and undivided attention for 24 hours, you will find enlightenment.” You can probably guess how many people were…

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Financial Advisors and the Art of Listening

Have you ever noticed that the words listen and silent are spelled with the same letters?  Perhaps this is no accident, because in many ways, they mean the same thing.  Have you ever talked to someone and walked away feeling enriched because they were such a good listener, even if they were a complete stranger?…

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Increasing Income Streams: Where Should Investors Look?

As wealth managers, we intend to focus on our client’s investment returns over market cycles, not just quarterly positioning.  Risk must be measured and factored in, just as much so as the potential for rewards.  Additionally, we should not only be thinking about generating current income for our clients, but also about an increasing income…

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