November Market Commentary: Another Pivot Party

signpost in the middle of nowhere

As we pass the halfway point of the final quarter of 2023, we find ourselves in another risk-on rally fueled by hopes of an imminent soft landing accompanied by sooner-than-expected rate cuts by the Federal Reserve.

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Quarterly Market Commentary: What Do Monetary Policy and Forest Management Have in Common?

landscape of a forest fire

Recent record-breaking wildfires have caused a reexamination of wildfire suppression policies in place in North America for over 150 years. Rather than allow smaller fires to burn periodically as Indigenous populations had done historically, we have instead focused on extinguishing fires whenever possible, particularly when they threaten lives or property.

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Macro Update: The 10 Year Goes to the Moon

Moon in a reddish sky above a trees

Our macro updates are usually focused on the “will they or won’t they?” decisions of the Federal Reserve and the market and economic impacts of those decisions. With no FOMC meeting on the calendar for August, this month we will focus on the recent volatility in long term rates, over which the Fed has much less control than it does on the shorter end of the curve.

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