Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Gitterman Wealth portfolio manager Jordan Kimmel discusses his pick of stocks to buy before the holidays.


The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of Finance

Jeffrey Gitterman, the Co-Founding Partner of Gitterman Wealth Management, discusses how ESG and Blockchain can solve the world’s problems.

SRI Conference 2017

Incorporating ESG into your practice

The Morningstar Investment Conference breakout session with Paul Ellis, Jeff Gitterman and Jon Hale.


Forbes: Gitterman Says ESG Plays Well On Campus

If there is one place in the U.S. where corporate governance, social and environmental rights get people triggered it’s on American college campuses. College professors want to put their money where their values are, says Jeffrey Gitterman, Co-Founding Partner of Gitterman Wealth Management.


Feel-good investing is the new trend on Wall Street

“The big boys getting into ESG is a good thing, not so unlike many of the large car manufacturers getting into electric cars now that they see a growing demand,” says Jeffrey Gitterman, one of the leaders of the ESG movement and a Co-Founding Partner of Gitterman Wealth Management.


Improving The Quality Of ESG Data

“Training and education in how to incorporate material, non-financial data into the diligence process is necessary to keep pace with my peers and the investment landscape, as well as be a fiduciary for my clients,” says Adam Bernstein, ESG and impact analyst at Gitterman Wealth Management.


ESG Investing Expert Explains What It Is and Is Not

“I think for a long time financial advisors were allowing Wall Street to dictate what products we sold to our clients,” Gitterman says.  “And I would assume that, as in a lot of other industries with the reversal of from top down to bottom up, we will see the client reversal because so many people now want ESG.”


Women, Millennials Want ESG Investments, Advisors Say

Millennials and women are increasingly asking for investments that are good for society as well as their portfolios, according to a panel of advisors that specialize in the sector.


More Sustainable Investments Are Beating the Competition

For years advisors have been told that sustainable funds can help align investments with client preferences without forfeiting profits. Now there’s growing evidence that those funds can actually deliver better returns than other more traditional funds.


Financial Advisor Magazine: Leaps and Bounds

Since the SMART portfolios went live in March 2016, roughly 15% of the non-pension clients—or $62 million of $450 million—have shifted their investments to them, and Gitterman hopes to get to $100 million by the end of this year.


Investors Can Do Well By Doing Good

Financial Advisor contributor Paul Ellis recently interviewed Jeff Gitterman, co-founding partner of Gitterman Wealth Management, to discuss the motivation behind the creation of their ESG portfolios.


ESG Investing: No Longer Optional, but Essential

Investment advisors who don’t offer environmental, social and governance investments in their practice might miss out on today’s largest generational trend in money management.


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