Don’t Fear the Repo

As if the U.S. Federal Reserve did not already have enough on its plate heading into its meeting on interest rates this week, chaos deep inside the plumbing of the U.S. financial system has thrown policymakers an unexpected curve ball.  When rates on the typically steady overnight re-purchase agreements behave like the stock market, as…

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US / China Trade War Analysis

US / China Trade War Analysis  Why are we in a trade war? China entered into the World Trade Organization in 2001, under rules that granted it concessions as a developing country, which greatly accelerated its integration with global markets and supply chains. Studies have shown that Chinese exports led to lower prices for U.S.…

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ESG Data Drives Demand for Sustainable and Impact Investing

Please click on this link to read a recent white paper for Investments and Wealth Monitor by Jeff Gitterman and author/consultant Paul Ellis titled “ESG Data Drives Demand for Sustainable and Impact Investing.”

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